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Choosing the sex of your baby:Chinese Way

The Chinese pregnancy calendar is best known as the Chinese conception chart and it is used to predict the baby gender. Many women would like to know right from the beginning whether they have a baby-girl or a baby-boy. It is said that the Chinese pregnancy calendar was buried in a tomb one thousand years ago, and it is now exhibited at the Beijing Institute of Science. What does this Chinese pregnancy calendar look like?

There are just two main elements that are taken into consideration to determine baby gender in the Chinese pregnancy calendar. They are mother age on a column and the month of conception in a row. The rest of the calendar consists of blue and pink squares. Though simple, it has been successfully used in ancient China for thousands of years. All the more appreciation for the ancient Chinese.

Those that have seen the Chinese pregnancy calendar have declared that it is very easy to use. When you find the pregnancy line equal to your age, you follow it to reach to the month when you conceived. A square pink indicates you will have a girl and a blue square a boy. Of course it is a bit of fun, but there are people that confessed their prediction being right in their case and in that of their friends.

If you try the Chinese pregnancy calendar, it is better to calculate your age according to the lunar calendar, a lunar month is twenty-nine days long. The basis for the Chinese pregnancy calendar is the lunar calendar, the one the ancient Chinese used a lot. There have been attempts to transform the Chinese pregnancy calendar / chart into a Chinese astrology calendar.

The regular Chinese pregnancy calendar has been changed to reflect also the combination of the five elements air, fire, water, earth and wood in its role in determining the gender of the unborn baby. Other factors analyzed by this modified Chinese pregnancy calendar, are the astrological sign, the five major elements relationship as well as animal relationship ? the Chinese astrological signs correspond to animals.

Regardless of whether you use the Chinese pregnancy calendar for fun or for sheer curiosity, I should tell you that it has only fifty percent chances of accuracy. Don?t repaint the baby room just because of a prediction with the Chinese pregnancy calendar. It is better to wait till the baby has grown enough to be able to find out its gender at the doctor.

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