Saturday, 28 July 2007

Finding out Pregnant

I started to feel weak and a bit nausea 3 weeks after my last period on June (2007). I thought i was catching cold and that time the work load quite high (the resort where i used to work was having a big event). I did went to the clinic at my workplace but the doctor said it was too early to know so they gave me a pill to ease my stomachache. Then me and hubby went to Jakarta for a short holiday, we were busy with family gathering and i didn't suspect anything even few times i experienced headache and uncomfortable stomach pain which i just ignore. That was the time when my period due and i got some slight brown spot, so i assume that i had my menstruation.

On the way back to Batam, on the aeroplane, I constantly felt really bad stomach pain. Then the sympthom getting worse the next day and a day after (i was still enjoying my days off). Then i text my 2nd sister and one of my bestfriend and tell them about my concern. They suggest me to go to a lab and get an urine test. So i went with my hubby to Prodia and get the result some hours after. I still thought that maybe i got a stomach problem caused by bacteria or something. But when the result came, the lab assistant explained and congratulated us as i was positively pregnant. We were surprise and just stare then grin at each other. Then we rush to go to hospital to get advice from doctor (i was already 5 weeks pregnant and she told me to have bed rest for a while because i experienced brown spot) inform our parents at Jakarta by phone. Everyone were happy and delighted of the good news :) even my mom plan to come to Batam as soon as possible.

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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

This morning i feel like cooking something. So i went to a nearest store and bought tofu and some vegies. But when i came back home, took a shower, watch some gossip news @ infotainment program then started to cook, i felt a little bit dizzy. Not really a headache like i used to had but the feeling made me uneasy and weak.

When my 'teriyaki tofu' (i invented myself hehehe...) still being cooked, i have to sit down then lay down a little bit. My hubby said "Just relax and enjoy your weekend, why have to bother to cook lunch (but didn't suggest to eat outside either :p)!" Soon after i regain my strength i continue to be busy at the kitchen. Still the odd feeling come and go and i have to have quick rest about 3 times.

I dunno what was happening to me, perhaps i catch a flue coz last night we went to movie and i forgot to bring my jacket.

*Later i found out that i was already 5 weeks pregnant at that time! :)

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