Monday, 23 March 2009

A Thank expression on Belle's 1st B'day

“Every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17)
We've been blessed with a daughter to love."

Today, last year on Easter Sunday Afternoon, our bundle of joy has finally arrived. As soon as she was born, the surgical team said out loud “Congratulation, you have a baby girl!!” I couldn’t help not to cry, all the feelings came inside me “Relief, proud, happy…” Then after they check and clean her, her daddy holds her then gave her to me. Both of us agree that She was the most beautiful creature in the world!

We named her CHRISTABELLE PRISCILLA ROULI. Christabelle means: Beautiful follower of Christ or Beautiful Christian. Priscilla is taken from the bible, means: Lady of honour. Rouli is a Bataknese name, means: Here comes the pretty one. We pray that our princess will be a beautiful Christian that full of honour and bring love, joyful and happiness for God, family and people surround her.

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All First

These are some of the special First Moments of Christabelle:
  • First Smile: 5th May 2008; Belle was 7 weeks old
  • First Laugh: 7th August 2008; Belle was 4.5 months old
  • Firt recognised Mummy: 17th April 2008; Belle was 3 weeks old
  • First recognised Daddy: 5th June 2008; Belle was 2 months old
  • First held head up: 23rd April 2008; Belle was exactly 1 month old
  • First rolled over from back to chest: 15th July 2008; Belle was 3.5 months old
  • First rolled over from chest to back: 17th August 2008; Belle was 4.5 months old
  • First sat up by herself: 22nd November 2008; Belle was 8 months old
  • First crawled backward: 17th October 2008; Belle was 6.5 months old
  • First crawled forward: 14th January 2009; Belle was 9.5 months old
  • First stood up: 13th December 2008; Belle was 8.5 months old
  • First steps: 3rd April 2009; Belle was 12.5 months old
  • First walked: 12th May 2009; Belle was 13.5 months old
  • First ran:
  • Some of first words: Guguk (=woof, sound of a dog), mbak (call our maid/nanny), dad, nini (grandma), momma

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