Saturday, 13 June 2009

New Motherhood Challenges - What Noone Tells You - And How to Cope

During their pregnancies, many women imagine what motherhood will be like. We envision peaceful scenes such as rocking our babies in a recliner while they effortlessly breastfeed. We imagine the things we'll do while baby sleeps the hours away. While washing and folding baby clothes and getting the baby's things ready, we daydream about our little one and how we'll care for him.

Often, we're quite unprepared for the experience of new motherhood. While having children is a blessing, the postpartum period is one of adjustment. Our expectations are often quite different from the reality. Many women experience some or many of the following challenges:

* Fussy babies - Having a colicky or fussy, "high need" infant can shatter a new mom's confidence and cause major stress. When her baby cries for hours at a time, it can put strain on her relationship with the baby's father and undermine her emotional well being. Often there is little that can be done for a fussy baby other than holding him and waiting for him to outgrow it. A baby sling can certainly be helpful. Research shows that babies cry less when they are "worn" close to the mothers body.

* Mood swings - The baby blues is a very common experience for new moms in our society, and there are many theories as to why so many moms experience this phenomenon. Contributing factors may be: the stress of such a massive life change, sleep deprivation, the physical demands of childbirth, lack of proper support, and hormonal adjustments. Certainly it is wise for a new mom to lower her expectations of herself. Getting out of the house for some socializing, exercise, and sunlight can be a huge help. Good nutrition and avoiding sugar and caffeine are also smart moves.

* Relationship difficulties - Some new moms become resentful of their partners. While a mom's life changes drastically after the birth of a new baby, a dad's life doesn't change so much. His apparent freedom can be the cause of negative feelings. Good communication skills are important here. Moms can tell their partners what they need, and affirm his place and importance in the family. Letting him care for the baby on his own to learn his own style is a good idea.

* Bonding issues - When moms read about the bonding that is so essential for baby's development, they're sometimes stressed or worried if they don't feel an instant connection with their new infants. Bonding is different for each mother/baby dyad. Some moms experience an instant feeling of deep love for their newborn infants the moment baby is put into their arms. For others, the feeling develops over time. There is no right or wrong way to bond. One thing that helps a mother develop a deep attachment to her baby is to wear him close to her body in a baby sling. The sling helps baby adjust to postpartum life gradually, leading to less crying. A happier baby means a happier mom. It's also easier for mom to get things done around the house, increasing her sense of accomplishment.

* Breastfeeding challenges - Breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience, and for some mothers it comes easily. Others experience difficulties. Painful breastfeeding can increase the risk of postpartum depression, but successful breastfeeding decreases the risk. A mom who is experiencing pain should get help immediately. Often all that is needed is a slight adjustment in positioning or latch to stop the pain.

New moms need support and information to have a happier postpartum adjustment. Talking with other mothers can be extremely helpful. Thankfully there are many mother's groups that a new mom can reach out to in order to get the community she needs.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

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Monday, 1 June 2009

Belle 1st time go to school

When i mentioned school, it was not really a school class where there were a bunch of children sitting down writing and reading books. It was actually the next level of a Gymnbabe at Tumble Tots. I did take Belle once to a trial class of TT Gymnbabe when she was 8 months old in Jkt. But she was so worry because she's the only baby and there were 3 teachers (that she should called 'auntie') crowd around her. So she cried that time and i didn't think she had a great time.

Well, this time is different as Belle is already a big baby now

I've heard that there is Tumble Tots in Batam but i never know where it is. Then one day when my hubby and me were parking our car in a mall, we saw a big car with huge of cartoon sticker and TT sign on it. So we leave a message on the wiper, ask them to call us regarding the location.

So this morning, after we took daddy to office, me and Belle went to this new school. This actually the very first time that i have to travel by car only with her. She has to sit on her car seat of course. She behave quite nice, accept when saying goodbye to daddy she cried a little bit and ask for 'tutut' (=turun=go down) then i called away her attention by singing some songs, pointing out to car, truck (she's so crazy about trucks... i don't know why, she always scream whenever she saw truck in any size ).
Finally, we get to our destination place. She stopped being fussy and smile when i took her down. Unfortenately, the receptionist said that the class for 'walking to 2 years old' will start at 9.30 and that was only 8.45 AM. So i asked for a tour but it only took less than 5 minutes. I took Belle to a little park nearby to play, but it was too hot being outside. I took her to a canteen (It's so small and all the seats were occupied, actually there were only 4 seats). Just next to the tumble tots, still inside the area, there is a swimming pool. And Belle jump in delight to see the water. She pull my hand so hard and she tried so hard to drag me into the pool. It was quite difficult to persuade her that neither me or her didn't wear any swimsuit so we couldn't swim. Finally we spent the rest of the waiting time sitting down and drink soya, she just learn how to sip the drink from straw (anything that could distract her attention) and it kept her busy.

When finally the teacher called us to come inside the class Belle was already settled and well contained.

There were 4 children including Belle when we entered the class and Belle was the only girl . One boy, nearly 2 years old, i guess was so good and seems familiar with all the children physical equipment. Another boy was just laying down and keep sucking his bottle of milk. (Belle, with her new interest to inform anything, come to this boy and point him, saying out loud "MINUM!" she informed me that the boy is drinking then she tried to find her own water bottle). The other boy just stayed in the class for less than 5 minutes because he kept crying (dunno why). Then, after the class began there were some more (another 3 boys again) came and join.

Belle of course still new with all the toys: the stairs, the stepping, the tunnel, and the small trampoline. But i can see that she was soooo excited with all the things, the colorful paintings of tumble tots, and of course the children: her new fellas. She kept following the good boy (Tama) when he practice his physical skill. And Belle kept inform me from time to time on what the boy was doing. (of course, some understandable and some with her own words . However, when the teacher call and ask to gathered together to do some movement with music, Belle also very happy and she did the dancing with her own style. (Eventhough the teacher sing "touch your head... nose... knee... etc) anyway, she's new and still learning. She paid attention to her teachers but at the same time she also had so much fun. And to me that's the most important thing .

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