Sunday, 20 January 2008

Giving Birth in Australia

Eversince i got pregnant, even before. I have a dream to give birth my baby in Sydney Australia. Why Australia? Well, first of all because i still have my permanent residence that supposed to be expired on August this year. As an Aussie PR i've been told that i have some beneficial privilege, facilities covered by Medicare (Health Insurance for Aussie Citizen and PR). Plus, my baby will get her Aussie citizenship automatically. Plus, possibility that Aussie govt will grant me A$5,000 know as baby bonus. But most of all perhaps because i constantly heard from my friends that currently reside in Australia about all the benefit they got having labor there.

Therefore, i started to bridge correspondence with some parties in Australia. First of all i contact the hospital where i intend to give birth. I chose Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH), because the location is the nearest to where i used to live and also close to Central Business District. Also i heard from some friends that the service in this hospital's excellent. Then i inform all my friends that still reside in Sydney, get their support and seek help to find accomodation. And i also check the immigration whether i'm still eligible to do such things.

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