Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Baby Belle 1st solid

I planned to give Belle her 1st solid food on her 6th mth B’day which is today. But yesterday when i was eating mango, She always tried to grab it so i gave it to her mouth for her to lick it then she began to demand more and more… so i made the puree of half mango, mix with a bit of breastmilk, sit her on my lap,

(she was too impatience if she had to wait for me to asemble her high chair which i intend to use a day after –> today), put on her bib and give her very first semi solid food :) she seems really enjoy it, keep open her mouth everytime i said Aaaaa and several times wants to grab the spoon and put everything herself. Messy?? all over her cloth and face of course :p

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Friday, 12 September 2008

Baby Belle 1st teeth

This morning i was playing with Belle on my bed, she keeps drolling and wanted to grab anything her eyes can see. These last few weeks i’ve noticed white dot in her gum, but far back on the right side of her mouth. Then when her dad call (He was in Jkt) I told him that her teeth almost come. When i hang up the phone, i put my finger inside Belle mouth then i felt something… VOILA… her 1st teeth already came out :)

Funny, all of these times i suspect that her first molar will come at the beginning as we spot the white thingy on the right back of her mouth. But that part still remain white and her 1st teeth is actually one of the incisors, one cute teeth on her front low jar.

Anyway… i’m so happy that she didn’t experienced any sign of fever, lack of appetite (even these past 3 days she’s been breastfeed a lot until i felt exhausted hehehe… perhaps it compensate the pain that she felt a little bit in her mouth) or excessive crying as parents and old people told me. I called her dad back and he also happy and be proud of her.

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