Monday, 15 October 2007

Gaining weight rapidly

This week my hubby has to go to Jakarta for a week seminar. We don't have any maid yet, so instead having me stay at home by myself (plus the baby inside me) we decided that i will to stay at the resort. Fortunately, there is a wine appreciation event to be held for 3 days and i'm in charge so there i found an excuse for my boss to stay in house :p

5 days after, the event has finished (I have to admit to hubby that i drank some red wine at the event... couldn't resist a sip then another... until i finished almost 2 glasses of that very fine rose wine ;)) I went home coz i felt a bit bored and wanted to tidy up our house a little bit. Nobody home of course and i didn't feel like cooking. So i order pizza, and u know... i finished 1 pan personal of american fave (pizza hut) :p

On saturday, my hubby arrived with mom in law and one lady to be our maid. First time he look at me my hubby said "OMG, how come you look much more chubbier than the last time i left u?" But of course (he said) it didn't matter as i still look as pretty as ever *Ouuucchhh* :p so i weigh and you know what... i gain 4kg!! Means in less than 2 weeks i have gained 3kg. watch out gal...

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