Friday, 30 January 2009

Conceiving a baby boy by having a 'Boy Diet'

Conceive baby boy by changing your diet before you conceive, and maintaining a certain kind of diet during your pregnancy!

Sounds like one of those outlandish old wives' tales? Not quite!

Scientists now seem to agree that there is a possible link between what you eat and which gender you'll conceive.

Pregnant women on high calorie diet are more likely to have a baby boy! Also, eating food rich in nutrients such as potassium and calcium, and vitamins C, D and B12 seems to upper your chance of conceiving a baby boy!

Where those conclusions came from? Actually, it's from a new research done at the universities of Exeter and Oxford. The scientists examined the diets of a large number of first-time mothers and found that those who ate a higher number of calories were more likely to conceive with a boy!

Among women with the highest calorie intake before pregnancy - 56 percent had boys.

Women who had boys also ate an additional 300 mg of potassium daily!

Don't you have an urge now to go and eat a banana?:)

It has been speculated for the last 30 years in the scientistic world that the diet of a mother could predict the gender of a baby. There has been enough evidence that diet in mammals can affect the sex of their offspring. Namely, a lot of mammals when well fed produce more boys, while in starvation situation there are more girls than boys being born.

Seems like there are more nutrients needed to conceive a boy rather than a girl& In any case: now you have one more reason not to skip breakfast!:) Especially when you hear this next piece of statistics: Eat at least one bowl of breakfast cereal daily and you will have a 87 percent more chance that you'll conceive a baby boy!

So, treat yourself with an additional serving of steak with potatoes and have a piece of cake:)

But don't overdo it! Never forget that proper nutrition is essentially important for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Whatever gender that baby will be!

For more information, visit this link (a blog for the mothers-to-be who would like to have a baby boy!)

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Tuesday, 27 January 2009 baby sleep... (II)

Last night and a few nights before, Belle kept waking up at around 2AM. Normally she just woke up once (or maximum twice) at night and demand for breastfeed, we're now trying to change this habit by giving her water only but i do it gradually. But last night she was look very alert when she called me from her cot (which laid beside our bed), standing and bouncing up and smiling while holding her monkey doll. The funny thing was, she grab the monkey tail and push it down as if almost to drop it then she began to call me, when i open my eyes lazily and look at her, then she start to drop the monkey and then laughing away. I know for sure if get the monkey and give back to her, it will be a never ending game that will lasts till morning :p So i just ignore her and demand her to sleep.

After 5 minutes she began to scream and cry, i check and find out that her nappy has to be change. Changing nappy in the middle of the night was one thing that really made her frustated, coz she already expect that i'm going to play with her. But as soon as i put her on our bed and open her PJ's and nappy, she protested and scream really loud.

Then after everything done, she look at her dad and began to grin, crawl to grab daddy's hair and pat his hand. But daddy lay still, not even open his eyes. only touch Belle's cheek and doze off back to sleep. I look at the clock, it was still 2.30AM in the morning, so i talk to her and look directly to her eyes,"Listen young lady, it's still midnight and everyone still sleeping. You go back to sleep or play by yourself okay?" Surprisingly, she didn't protest when i put her back to her cot, she didn't stand up nor sit down. I lay myself down and listen. At first, Belle still babbling and babbling (when i peek, she was surrounded by all her 'friends' Bunny, monkey, kangaroo, little bug all have a little morning chit chat ith her :p) Not long, she began to whimper a little then suddenly the bedroom became silent. She was fell asleep on her chest, her left hand still grabbing bunny's long ear.

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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Travelling with Baby Belle

Thursday, 10th January was the 6th time Belle travel by airplane.
1st time was the trip from Sydney to Jakarta on 23rd April '08. She was exactly 1 month old at that time. On that 8 hours trip, she didn't sleep much. Only twice on the basinet provided by Qantas airline in front of our seats (I was accompanied by my brother Joshua). Most of the time she just sit on my lap or her uncle lap, look at the movie on the big screen, I breastfed her twice on that trip. She also didn't cry much (which is quite surprising for baby in her age).

2nd trip was on 19th February '08. She was not even 2 months old yet. We went back to our City, Batam from Jakarta. As usual, during take off and landing i gave her bottle of formula milk and plug her ear with ball of cotton. The purpose is to protect her ear, because baby's ear are very sensitive at this age. Also by sucking the jaw movement will make her ear covered. I also been told before by Qantas steward that It's good if the baby cry rather than sleep during take off.

3nd trip, 19th November '08. Baby Belle was almost 8 months old. We bring along our maid (nanny) and just before we're about to boarding, She fell asleep. On the airplane, i tried to wake her up to give her milk and cover her ear but she slept really well, she didn't want to do anything. So i just cover her ear. Thanks God everything went well.

4nd and 5th trip were on the way and coming back Jakarta - Jogja - Jakarta. There were 4 of us (me, hubby and mom in law). She was a big baby and very active, Staying still was such a difficult task for her. In the airplane, both of the trip i have to breastfeed her during take off, 1st again to protect her ear, 2nd to make her calm as she keep trying to grab everything, including a lady's hair who was sit in front of us :p

6nd trip, on the way back home to Batam. We kept her occupied with new toys. I manage to re-decorate some of her old toys by wrap them up with bright paper wrap. The trick works alright, Belle can sit happily on my lap, occasionally make a fun chat with a man who was sitting side across our seats.

Overall, We're so delightful to have Belle as one of our companion. She completes every journeys and by having her between us has made our every single trips much more fun and adventurous.

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