Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Autism VS MMR

"Should i give this kind of vaccination to my baby on schedule, later or never?" this question has been haunted me eversince our last visit to the pediatrician, after we settle back again in Batam, after Jakarta long holiday. The doctor said that Belle,10 months old at that time didn't need to take immunization for campak (measles), supposed to be taken when she was 9 mths old. His reason was because this kind of shot (campak) only prevent from a disease (perhaps different kind of measles, local measles?) that most likely infect children with poor intact of nutrition. Having consider that Belle is well maintained (Thanks God) and has had adequate nutrition, he said that this campak vaccin is not really necessary, as we skipped it anyway. Therefore, he suggested straight away to give Belle MMR next month when she reach 12 mths old.

MMR has became a big issue these last decade when someone suspect that this kind of immunization can caused autism to a child. I heard about this quite a long time ago but never take too serious concern until now, when we have to decide whether to give the vaccine or wait til later. I did the goggling and seek for advice, opinion from friends and some health mailing list i joined. And the result for this re-researching was i becoming more confuse. Out of 10 people that i asked for opinion, 9 of them said that they wait until their child big enough (2 or 3 years old) and already walk and talk fluently. Honestly i didn't feel that I'm 100% agree with their advice.

MMR schedule for babies between age 15-18 mths old, in Indonesia. Even in Australia and other countries It schedule earlier: for 12 mths old babies. So, I think it will be very risky if i have to wait that long and also the possibility that my baby can be contagious with either Measles, Mumps or Rubella will be greater. I also found out that autism, actually can be detected as early as when the baby is 10 mths old, even 6 mths old. The reasons why parents nowadays becoming (too) worry are because autism has been known or similar as speech delay ability in children. Whilst, autism the symptoms actually more vary and different than that.

I did the goggling again and found this useful info about some symptoms or guideline whether your baby has autism or not:

By 2 to 3 months, your baby is not making eye contact.
* By 3 months, not smiling at you and recognize the sound of your voice.
* By 6 months, no laughing or giggling
* By 9 months, no babbling.
* By 1 year, not recognizing when you call his name
* By 1 year, showing disregard for vocalizations, but has a keen awareness of environmental sounds.
* By 1 year, no back-and-forth communications with you.
* By 16 months, no words.
* By 18 months, not pointing to things that interest him.
* By 24 months, no two-word meaningful phrases.

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

In memoriam: Ancillo Dominic

Today i just read a very sad yet inspiring story of a mom, telling about her unborn baby that has been verdict by doctor as Anencephaly. This is a very rare case neural tube defect that occurs when the cephalic / head end of the neural tube fails to close, usually between the 23rd and 26th day of pregnancy*) and normally both parents and doctor simply decide to get rid of the fetus, because soon or later the annecephalic babies cannot survive. If its not stillborn, then the baby will usually die moments after birth.

However, what made me surprise and impress... the doctor whose found out about this case through USG (on week 17th) encourage the parents, especially mom, to keep the baby. He refuse to do abortion and let the baby alive until 'it's time for him (it's a boy) to go' He believe that God has His own time. And also doctor said that if the parents willing to keep the baby (means continue the pregnancy) the baby will thank them later and wait for them in heaven. Both mom and dad to be cry but finally they decide to keep the baby. I know it was never be an easy decision for them to made, as i remember when i was still pregnant... every month we go to doctor for check up or USG, both of us feel anxious but worry. We need to make sure that the baby OK, normal and complete but on the other hand we also afraid... what if the baby not OK? what if something bad happen? I don't think (If put in the same situation with Yenny back then) I have the courage to make that brave decision.They named the baby "Ancillo Dominic" and the mom (Yenny) continue to love this infant as much as before, give him nutricion, talk to him and still hope and pray for miracle to happen. When they hear about a preach that can bring death to alive, they almost come to the man but then they didn't go, as the husband said "Only Jesus can bring death to alive, So to Him we must bring ourself closer." The pregnancy went well, the baby seems very happy inside (He gain weight and other than his cephalic abnormality, everything were completely perfect). Ancillo was born naturally on his mom's 41st of pregnancy in a very long process of labor. He was born in upside down position and just when doctor pull his out, baby already gone. :(

To read the complete story, click this link below:

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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Wonderful weekend with my baby girl

Today i accompany Belle to sunday school after quite a long time i didn't do it and just hear some 'report' from her nanny about her behaviour at class. I took Belle to sunday school for the first time when she was only 3.5 months old. She just sit on my lap and mostly sleep half way of the sunday school (It start at 8AM, exactly the time for her morning nap at that time), but gradually she began to more and more interactive and since 5 month old she didn't sleep in the class anymore :p (The class is categorize for children under 3 years old)
And here i am, i felt glad with all her progress. She is now can sing a long, dance and tried to jump2 and get so excited when the teacher teach the class singing a happy song.

Surprisingly, she always pay full attention to whatever the sunday school teachers (there are more than 3 of them) said or command the children to do. Only several times she get a bit bored or distracted when her other little friends eat something (of course she wants to eat too) or drink milk from bottle (she also wants to drink, eventhough i only give her water) or when she see other mommy's bag just lay on the floor near her, she tried to grab it (She love bags!! :p). But overall, she behave really good. I am really proud of her.

On this opportunity, i also talk to one of the teacher, ask permission to celebrate Belle's birthday next month. I can't wait for that day to come :)

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