Sunday, 26 April 2009

3rd trip to S'pore and 1st hair cut

Day 1: 25th April 2009
This is the 3rd trip for Belle going to S'pore. The 1st one, she was still 5 mths old fully breastfeed and able to roll over from back to chest. 2nd one Belle was almost 7 mths old and just start solid food, she can roll back and forth but of course main activities remain on bed. And now, she's a 1 year old young lady... always busy with things, she seems have an endless curiosity toward things. Therefore, handling her at this stage is quite a tiring (though fun as well) task to do :p

We depart from Sekupang seaport, planning to take 7.50AM ferry. From 5.30AM Belle already woke up, jumping on her cot and call out her dad and momma. When we ignore her (still sleepy coz the night before we had bible study until 11pm at our place then began packing up for this trip), she began to call 'mbak' (the maid) and pointing at the door. So i took her out for a short walk, breakfast and early bath then re-check our travelling equipment once again. 6.30 we're heading to Sekupang, my hubby drove the car and going to leave the car overnight at the seaport.

After everything settle with immigration things, we waited on the lounge. Lucky, that morning they provide free breakfast (tea, coffee and bread + cake). Belle could finish 1 whole custard cake (i removed the custard). On the way to ferry, inside her stoler, Belle never stop talking as if saying and talking somethings, of course some words are understandable (mana... mana... mau... itu) but most of them are simply baby language :p Also inside the ferry she became so excited when i show her the sea, some boats and fish (though we couldn't see any).

Arriving at Harbor front ferry terminal, we're lucky again coz there were hardly any queue. Consider this is not the time for Indonesian to spend their money shopping at s'pore (we can't expect this to happen on special occasion such as a long weekend). As usual, most of the officers around immigration section were so friendly with baby. Everytime we reach the immigration section, at least there will be 2 people, will come and greet her with funny face, imitate whatever gesture she made, make fun of her and it made her so delightful. This time a very young man wave to her from the clearance point, made Belle so happy and started to call him "maas...mas..." (nickname for older adult man but still young, similar as 'bro').

Then we catch a taxi to go to our hotel at Bencoolen. Belle was very excited and keep talking, pointing out the car,buildings, the trees, plants, everything and named them with her own words :). When we reach the hotel, unpack our stuff, hubby went out by himself to search for car spare part. Me and Belle waited at the hotel for my mom to pick us up. The main agenda of this trip was to meet my mom and both of my sisters. My eldest sister and her vocal group (that used to be my singing group too when i was still in Jakarta) will going to sing in 2 local church this sunday (tmrw).

Not long after my hubby gone, my mom and Cassie (my cousin) came and pick us up. The rest of the group were waiting in the cab, including my 2nd sister. My eldest sister, Maria, Ditha n' Andi were still at the airport because Maria has just lost her luggage. Then we headed for the apartment where they going to stay at Claymore, Orchard. Belle was became more excited of the place as she can move freely from here to there by crawling and walking (but has to have someone to hold her hand as she didn't have self confidence yet to walk by herself). Then after my eldest sister with the rest of the group arrived, play with Belle for a while, they went out for lunch. Only left me, my mom, Belle n' my 2nd sister (But then she also went out to meet her friends) We stay there until about 4PM. Belle had her lunch and nap (with mommy n' opung) then me, my mom and tante Endah (the owner of the place) went out to have dinner and buy Belle's shoes as the ones she's wearing were off. I also ask my hubby to meet us somewhere at Orchard. Bought the shoes at Isetan, had dinner at Din Tai Fung Wisma Atria (where we met my hubby), It was superb and tante Endah ordered so many food. I really love the dumpling (kuo tie?) and the chinese fried rice. Belle eat a lot, order her a bowl of boiled chicken and she almost finished all of them :)

We took MRT to go back to Bencoolen (our hotel) but i think we get off too soon, instead of stop at Bugis, we got off at City Hall so we had to walk a looong way. Belle was ok at first, at the MRT she kept calling some of the guys that smile or wave at her "Maaass...." hehehe... and when we were walking, inside her stoller she point at everything, especially when she saw kids inside the pram, she began really excited and call "dedek or kakak" (little/big sister/brother). But after some time she began to be bored, turn her head toward us and said "mommaaa... dad.... bobok" (wanted to go to sleep). Finally, we arrived at the hotel. I took a bath together with Belle, put her pajamas on and put her to sleep.

Day 2: 26th April 2009

As usual, Belle woke up at 6.15AM (Indonesian time) and call "mommaaa..." so me and hubby have to get up too and withouth having a bath 1st, we had breakfast at the restaurant. She refuse to eat her baby biscuit and demand for my cereal and white bread (untoasted). After finish our meal, we went out for morning walk. I was amazed that we were actually so close to Bugis Junction, only about 10 minutes walking! Of course not any shop has open yet, so we just walk around. Belle found out that a fountain were so hilarious, we let her play with water for a while. She became very happy and wet :) and didn't want to leave :p . Arriving back at the hotel, gave Belle a bath, nurse her and put her to morning nap. At around 10.30AM, 2nd sister came coz my mom ask her to help me taking care of Belle :p Since she were sleeping we decided to go to Bugis Jnctn but then my mom and tante Endah came and took us to lunch (my hubby stayed at the hotel with Belle). We had Nasi Ayam (Hainan chicken rice) at Bon Tong Kee (i hope i type the name right :) ), the area name Novena. It was the most delicious chicken rice i've ever had! We took away 2 portion for my hubby n' Belle then went back to the hotel. It was already past 1PM. My mom said it's ok if we couldn't go to the 2PM church because we want to catch the ferry and the weather not really friendly.

So then after we fed Belle, checked out from the hotel, said goodbye, we went straight away to Harbour Front Ferry Terminal. Unfortunately when we get there It was too late to catch the 2.10Pm Ferry so then we have to choose the 5.40PM ferry. Too bad that we missed the chance to meet my brother n' sisters of VOP (voice of praise) at the church, while we actually have the time. But anyway it'll be too hassle to go back to the city. Therefore we decided just to walk around VIVO (the mall connected with the ferry terminal) and find a place to cut Belle's hair.

My hubby said that once he passed a children barber shop, but we looked 'round and 'round every level we still couldn't find it. Even when we search on the Direction guide, we have to make guess as it didn't state which one is barber shop in the kid's category. Luckily, when i went into a children apparel shop, i asked the cashier about this, she didn't know but a man that were shopping with his kid, heard me and told me that we should go to Toy's R Us. The kid's salon is right inside that big store (no wonder we didn't find it ).

It called Junior League Children' Style Salon, I just a small corner near to the Toys R Us entrance, there were 4 seats provided and each chair comes fitted with its own TV screen, playing popular cartoons like Barney, Dora The Explorer and other children' show. Kids are also pampered with candy, balloons, toys and stickers. Of course i didn't allow Belle to have candy, so the nice hairdresser lady gave her so many toys to keep her occupied. At first she seem to be confuse, she just sit still didn't know what happen, but then she started to throw all the toys and me and the lady picked them up and gave them back to her. Then she began to pull ear, scratch her hair that were being cut. Only when the lady gave her a red balloon she grin and play with it. She began to be fussy again when auntie hairdresser started to use a shaver, perhaps she scared of the sound. So she yelled at auntie and said "Aaah" while gliding her hand backward. Finally the lady said "OK... OK... no more!" And voila...Belle is now fresh with her new hair with cute fringe .

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Achieving a peaceful Indonesian election campaign 2009

Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009

Kampanye adalah sebuah tindakan yang bertujuan mendapatkan pencapaian dukungan, usaha kampanye bisa dilakukan oleh peorangan atau sekelompok orang yang terorganisir untuk mengais simpati, atau bisa juga di gunakan untuk menolak suatu hal.

Dalam ranah politik, kampanye biasanya di identikkan dengan hura-hura dan pengerahan massa. Penjabaran visi dan misi hanya menjadi yang nomor ke sekian bagi partai-partai politik. Ekses negatif yang muncul dari bentuk kampanye seperti yang terdapat di Indonesia ini biasanya adalah kerusuhan atau chaos yang biasanya berawal dari gesekan antar grass root pendukung partai politik.

Kampanye umumnya dilakukan dengan slogan, pembicaraan, barang cetakan, penyiaran barang rekaman berbentuk gambar atau suara, simbol-simbol, pada sistim politik otoriter kampanye sering bisa dilakukan kedalam bentuk tindakan intimidasi, propaganda atau dakwah.Bentuk kampanye di Indonesia ini tergolong sebagai bentuk kampanye secara konversional yang hanya lebih mengarah pada Indoktrinasi atau Pencitraan individu atau golongan. Model kampanye konvensional selain rawan gesekan juga terkadang menimbulkan swinging voter di masyarakat.

Untuk meminimalisasi gesekan antar grass root, ada baik nya untuk mengadakan semacam Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 yang nanti nya bisa meminimalisasi chaos-chaos yang mungkin terjadi dalam pemilu nanti.Untuk lebih detil mengenai Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009, akan saya jabarkan di postingan berikut nya.

Dan semoga Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 bisa terwujud di negeri kita tercinta indonesia ini dan semoga masyarakat lebih bisa memilih pemimpin-pemimpin yang berpihak kepada rakyat.


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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Give yourself a time-out and enjoy our humorous and sentimental tribute to motherhood...

Great Minds Think of Mom
After a long, exhausting day, a friend of mine headed home. On the road, he passed an elderly woman who was standing by a car with a flat tire. His conscience got the better of him; if that were his mother, he thought, he would want someone to help her. With a tired sigh, he turned around and drove back.

Just as he reached the stranded woman, a truck pulled up and a burly farmer got out. "Kinda reminds you of your mom, too?" the man asked as the two of them pitched in together to change the tire.
-- Contributed by Katherine L. Houge

Your Biggest Fan

While waiting in a bookstore for a guest author to sign her latest book, I leafed through some of the Civil War novels she had written. The woman in line behind me commented, "Those are the best books I've ever read. I couldn't put them down."

Before I could reply, the author looked over and said, "Oh, cut it out, Mom!"
-- Contributed by Marilyn Kopp

Head of the Household
My husband, Jeff, and I incurred several problems while assembling our new computer system, so we called the help desk. The man on the phone started to talk to Jeff in computer jargon, which confused us even more.

"Sir," my husband politely said, "please explain what I should do as if I were a four-year-old."

"Okay," the computer technician replied. "Son, could you please put your mommy on the phone?"
-- Contributed by Lena Worth

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