Saturday, 18 October 2008


These past 3 days i’ve been worry coz Belle seems very difficult in passing her stool. After red rice, potatoe, pumpkin porride, last 2 days i gave her green bean porridge mix with formula milk (that’s b’coz i was lazy to express my breastmilk and also feel that the milk production a bit decrease as Belle also lack of interest in breastfeeding, she just keep playing with them hehehe...)

Last night she kept waking up. Normally, she only wakes up once at night to be breastfeed. But last night she looks so uncomfortable, crying and fussy. I suspect she got a stomachache. At 6AM she woke up and cry, so i bring her out to the changing room, she poo a little. And then she play and had breakfast (2 chunk of baby biscuits). I left her for about 2 hours, when i came back she was sleeping. Then she woke up. At first, she smile at me, but suddenly she cry and scream like in pain. I picked her up and cuddle her. I ask the maid to buy papaya and order not to cook any other kind of porridge.

I will only feed her breast milk and papaya starting from today and the next 2 days perhaps. Belle keep crying and even scream so loud (which she rarely do it, she never cry like this, In fact she hardly ever cry) I check her nappy, there’s a little poo but then i saw something very hard and big (sory if this make u sick hehehe) stuck and she strugle to let it out. But finally it could come out and it happen several times. Big and hard like wodden stick. I suspect it happen because of the formula milk i gave to her, mix with the porridge. Perhaps, i will stop to give her any formula milk, not even change to any brand. Mother milk is always in the right conditon and the best for my baby.

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